A blue bag of GMO Tropical Reign Holy Smokes pre-rolls.

GMO Tropical Reign

10 x 0.4 g tube style pre-rolls

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Smoke Forth and Ascend

Weary tokers, welcome to Holy Mountain – a weed brand for kindred souls. Embark on a trip with us as we unleash legendary weed strains, wicked hash and oh-so much more.

GMO Tropical Reign Holy Smokes

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Holy Smokes! A pre-roll revolution is taking place at Holy Mountain. Behold, 10 x 0.4g GMO Tropical Reign machine-rolled pre-rolls, each featuring a reflective gold tip. Smooth-burning Holy Smokes are rolled with thin, natural hemp paper allowing for a more true-to-flower flavour.

GMO Tropical Reign is a sativa known for its strong cheesy and peppery aromas with a subtle fruit backdrop. Pair those feisty flavour cues with a wicked 20-26% THC and you’ve got yourself some serious Holy Smokes!


A blue box of Holy Smokes with a sticker saying "Rolled with Hemp Paper".

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