A blue pouch of Holy Mountain Dynamic Duo Holy Smokes, with two boxes of Holy Smokes beside it.

Dynamic Duos

20 x 0.4 g tube style pre-rolls

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Smoke Forth and Ascend

Weary tokers, welcome to Holy Mountain – a weed brand for kindred souls. Embark on a trip with us as we unleash legendary weed strains, wicked hash and oh-so much more.

Dynamic Duos: Purple Punch-Out!! and Ultra Jean-G

Plant Type

Introducing Holy Smokes Dynamic Duos – a powerhouse package of two exceptional tube-style pre-rolls! Experience the knockout combo of Purple Punch-Out!!, an indica full of sweet grape and berry aromas and Ultra Jean-G, a sour sativa heavy on the gas and citrus.

Each pre-roll boasts 20-26% THC. Embark on an exciting quest with two tube-style pre-rolls with elegant gold detailing. Crafted with 100% certified organic hemp paper, these pre-rolls (20 total) promise a smooth burn and awesome experience, every time.


PPO: b-Caryophyllene
PPO: Limonene
PPO: Humulene
UGJ: Limonene
UGJ: Caryophyllene
UGJ: Myrcene
Two boxes of Holy Mountain Dynamic Duo Holy Smokes. One is yellow, one blue.

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