Ultra Jean-G

Available in 3.5 g and 28 g

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Two silver bags of Ultra Jean G with buds beside them.

Smoke Forth and Ascend

Weary travellers: look no further than Holy Mountain. A weed brand with a soul. Embark on a pilgrimage with us as we unleash legendary weed strains and heavenly hash upon the kingdom.

Ultra Jean-G Flower


Shout it from the trichome dusted peaks of Holy Mountain: a new sour sativa in a 1 oz. bag is ready to descend upon thee. Ultra Jean-G is a cross between Ultra Sour x Lemon Margy and the result, as tokers might expect, is something full of gassy, lemony, and herbal aromas, with a lovely pine complement to this high-octane bouquet.

Combined, these two heavy hitters yield a sativa-dominant bud, with THC sky-rocketing to the super range of 23-29% for all you weary tokers.

A bud of Holy Mountain Ultra Jean G.

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