Strawberry Cough

1 g vape cartridge featuring pure live resin

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A blue bag for the Holy Mountain Strawberry Cough vape, with a golden vape cart beside it.

Smoke Forth and Ascend

Weary travellers: look no further than Holy Mountain. A weed brand with a soul. Embark on a pilgrimage with us as we unleash legendary weed strains and heavenly hash upon the kingdom.

Strawberry Cough Vape

Plant Type

Legendary weed strain Strawberry Cough is joining the Holy Mountain movement by way of PURE live resin 510 vape cart.

This strain is known for its sweet, peppery & fruity aromas, and those pleasant notes (and its sativa profile) have been captured perfectly in this 1 g of PURE Live Resin. Not a drop of distillate for a more true-to-flower experience. THC 75 - 80%.

A black and gold Holy Mountain vape.

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